Sweden Road Trip with the Landy

— 04. September, 2019 —

So we have a school girl now! It’s great and Emmi enjoys school and the time with her new friends so much. But, you know, it also means no more traveling in the off-season to far away places… like we did the past 6 years. Instead we are now bound to squeeze in our travels to school vacation. And this is quite a challenge given that summer time is wedding high-season for both me and Julian who’s running our Fotobulli business. Luckily, Julian has a fantastic team so he can easily take some days off without closing down the business. For me it’s different of course. So I decided to accept much less weddings than before to spend that precious time traveling with my family.

This year we connected two booked weddings in Hamburg and Berlin with a 14-day road trip to Denmark and Sweden in between. And it’s been great! Ever since our long road trip in a 4×4 around South Africa a few years ago, we dreamed about getting our own Land Rover Defender to discover Europe off the beaten path. This dream has finally come true. We got the car just a few days before the trip, quickly equipped it with a rooftop tent and put all of our camping stuff in the trunk. Next step will be to build a small kitchen and other camping equipment in it, but that’s a project for winter. Now we’re finally back on the road! Oh, how I missed photographing our travels.

So here it is: Our first trip of many in the Landy. First stop Sweden. Enjoy! 🙂